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Mill Creek High School Senior

This senior means so much to me as I’ve watched him grow into a WONDERFUL young man who is talented in Track and football.  Get your appointment for your Senior Portraits set up today! lastingmoments@me.com  

|It’s that time of Year again! Heading to Panama City Beach March 31-April 5th

E-mail me if you want to do pictures. I’m staying in Panama City right next to Club La Vela and Spinnaker’s. lastingmomentsphotography@gmail.com

Getting Back to it!

I haven’t had a lot of time to Blog, but hopefully this year I can get back to blogging more about my clients and friends I photograph.

McKenzie’s Senior Pictures

Look at how beautiful this senior is! We had a good time changing clothes behind the trees in the country!

Baby Charley

Take a look at my precious neice. I tried getting a few shots before nap time… she was so tired! Enjoy!

Two Cuties!

Take a look at these two precious kiddos! I photographed them two times in the last month… it was tons of fun both times. ENJOY!

Baby Jernigan

Look at these sweet girls! It was so much fun dressing them up and posing them…. ENJOY!

Baby Buchanan

I just Love those Sweet baby parts!

Baby Elle

This precious baby was so much fun! Isn’t she just sweet as pie!

Senior Pictures

We had a great time finding just the right poses….we even found a HOT CAR! HA!!! Enjoy

Two Cuties!

I had a great time shooting these two cuties! I have had the great opportunity to watch them grow over the years. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!


Look at this adorable red head!

Andy, Rebecca and Baby

We had a great time taking these shots and I’m looking forward to photographing the baby when He/She comes. YEA!

"Vegas" Kiddos

These two children were just precious to photograph! We had a tough time with the smiles at first…once we got them going…they were all giggles. ENJOY

Martha’s Head Shots

These were fun to do… we started in the studio than headed out doors. She is such a beautiful lady inside and out!

Plumadore Family

Sweet, Precious children! God is so good! When you beautiful children like these.

The Lawrence Sisters

Take a look at these beautiful sisters…. need I say more!

The Henderson Family

I had a great time photographing this family. The kids loved it because they were able to climb the trees! ENJOY

Lucy and her Lolli!

These were so much fun! I giggles through the entire edit process! Take a look!

Just Lucy

You can tell that we had a BLAST! What a sweet girl…. Take a look at these adorable shots!

Mary & Lucy & Baby Elle

The Owen’s Wedding

Some more snap shots of some cute kids from the wedding…enjoy!


It was a cold afternoon but we had fun trying to stay warm! Maryn was a trooper!

Owens Wedding

Baby Haney

Just a couple shots of the cute little kiddos at the last wedding I took. “The Owen’s Wedding”

Drew and Baby on the way!

We had lots of laughs and getting those little ones to sit still…shew!

The Cornett Family

I love taking photos of this precious family! The kids are getting used to me coming around with the big camera and now are getting good at being Hams! HA… ENJOY


This is my sweet little boy! My Love bug!

Christmas 2008 – The Maglovsky’s

Just a couple of shots from our day! Love to you all! Merry Christmas

Buchanan "Baby on the Way"

Jackson kept up giggling as you will see at the bottom… he kept touching his mom’s belly button!

Madison & Megan

They look so grown up in these pictures! I could have taken these pictures all day! I just love them!  


Giggle, Giggle! I’m loving it!!!!

Brooke & Olivia

It was really cold, but the girls did so good! Olivia had me in stitches! Too cute!

Bass Family

Need I say anything about these beautiful children! Makes me smile!

Lyles Family

It wa so much fun shooting Adrian. He is a GREAT little piano player!

Kenerly Family

It was fun playing with the girls on the swing. They really enjoyed it!

Morris Wedding

I have so many great shots to post! Be on the look out for more… this was so much fun! They were so easy and natural with each other.

Lone Stare Riding Center

Smith Family!

Lone Stare Riding Center

Here are some great shots of these beautiful horses and the girls too! Enjoy!

Lone Stare Riding Center

I took many families photos …. I just had a great time with these horses getting the ears to stand tall. If I only had the camera turned on us acting like goof balls to get the horses attention! HA

The Warbington’s


This mother and daughter shoot was so much fun!

Isabelle & Maddux

We had a GREAT time laughing and getting Maddux to smile! How adorable! Enjoy!

Elizabeth & Jackson

Take a look at these adorable cuties! Special to my heart! We had a great time just playing capturing some great moments!

My Beautiful Kiddos with Santa!

The Riley Family

I just love this family! Look at all the BEAUTIFUL Kiddos! They all did SO good! Such a blessing!

The Roebuck Family


The Lowry Family

Brock, Chase and Lyndzi